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Fireplace overhaul

I feel like jumping for joy about today’s post! The fireplace saga has been going on for about two years but today it’s finally finished! For a while anyway…

This is what we’ve had for a fireplace since moving into the house and I have grown to loathe it!Ross Xmas Cracker 2.jpg

(Hope No. 1 son doesn’t object to this photo of him 17 years ago!)

Over the years we had sprayed the brass work to chrome in an effort to update it, but that was all. With the impending renovations, hubby and I started looking for a replacement about two years ago. We looked at going ultra modern with something like this:

FR920HE – GLASS FRONTED (High Efficiency)

but found this wouldn’t fit into our chimney breast unless we built a false chimney breast, which we didn’t want to do. We kept looking, and looking, and looking but were unable find anything we liked. We did quite like one fire, but it was going to cost £5ooo and required quite a bit of building work on top of this. Hubby was quite happy to go ahead but I was apprehensive – I didn’t really want to spend this much money on something I didn’t absolutely love.

As the gas had been disconnected, I added candles and a mirror to try and improve the look slightly.

IMG_1155 2.JPG

Then just before Christmas, I suggested to hubby that we (well really, him!) try painting our wooden fire surround and replacing the fire with a more modern one. I waited for the fireworks as hubby thinks it’s sacrilege to paint wood! I waited, and waited but nothing! And then, ” do you know, I think that’s a really good idea” he said! So next day we were out shopping for paint! We chose a grey eggshell. This is how it looked:IMG_4775.JPG

We both LOVED it! So then the hunt was back on for a gas fire which would fit in. This proved to be much easier, as the opening is a standard size. We had two criteria: I wanted all black and hubby wanted remote control. We ended up with this, a Kinder Black Magic.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 20.47.06.png

And today it was delivered and fitted, just in time for the cold spell! Drumroll!

IMG_2000.JPGIgnore the brown wall, hubby refused to paint with the impending renovations…

Also ignore the wires on the floor, they will be hidden under new flooring…

We bought a large wooden mirror from The Range and hubby painted it to match.

Now to snuggle up with Black Magic! No, not the chocolates, the fire!

Coming soon – Valentine’s Mantle.

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