The smallest room -downstairs loo!

This will be the first room in our new downstairs extension to be completely (well almost!) finished. We decided to paint every room in the house white for now. I know this may seem boring, but the idea is to start with a blank canvas and see how the spaces are used before being too adventurous.

Anyway, back to the smallest room – our new cloakroom. The hubby started by tiling the wall behind the loo, then the floor,before installing a “floating” toilet and very small, space saving wash basin. See, I told you he was amazing!


Hubby’s tiling and plumbing handiwork.

We wanted the house to be as low maintenance as possible so all of the toilets we will be putting  in will be wall hung,to make for easier floor cleaning.

Finishing touches to this room include the round mosaic mirror, which I chose to soften the square lines of the washbasin and toilet. It was an absolute bargain at the princely sum of £1! Yes that’s right, £1!! I picked it up at my local B&M store for what I thought was £8.99, which in itself I thought was a bargain, but when I got to the till it was only £1.IMG_0555.JPG

I apologise for my phone in the mirror, it’s really tricky to photograph a mirror without getting yourself in! If anyone has any tips please share!

Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the finished (well almost finished; hubby has to hang the door yet) room.



Also loving my Molton Brown hand wash and lotion dispensers, just fit perfectly in the space between the mirror and splashback.

That’s it for now, but coming soon some photo’s of our new gas fire, which is long awaited!

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