Valentine’s Mantel

This is my first dabble at decorating for a theme or holiday. As an ex-primary school teacher, I’m used to decorating classrooms but have never had the time to decorate at home, instead just collapsing in a heap of exhaustion as any holiday approached!

I didn’t want to go overboard, just a gentle nod to February 14th. I managed to gather lots of bits and  bobs from around the house with a heart or pink theme.  (I think maybe I’m a secret romantic, but don’t tell anyone!)








I also found some  free printables from and chose this one with a pink theme:

With the addition of a few hearts stuck onto twigs from the garden, the look is complete:IMG_1223.JPG

Here’s a close up at my first attempt at crafting, which, I’ve got to say, I didn’t particularly enjoy! I’m not really patient enough and after I got into a fight with a hot glue gun I’ve decided crafting is not really for me!


Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO

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