Living room

Oops! I did it again!

I’ve always struggled to find my decorating style, being a sucker for anything pretty! I see something I like, I buy it, without much thought for how it will fit in with other items in my home. I shop a lot with my daughter and she is often saying, when ask her advice “it’s nice, but it doesn’t match your theme!’ But the trouble is I don’t really know what my theme is!!

So now that our renovations are finally underway, I was determined to wait and style a room at a time as it was completed. Hubby has complained that I’m jumping the gun when I ask if he likes this vase as he tiles the floor!!

So I was in The Range with my daughter when I saw this and fell in love with it:


My daughter tried desperately to tell me it wouldn’t match anything else in my room but at £10.99, I just had to have it.

So when I got it home I immediately started restyling my lounge. I already had a pink cushion and pink throw in the room to soften the grey sofas so added them near the picture:


I added this little tray with a couple of pretty things to my side table:IMG_1241.JPG

Now I think this all ties in together but the problem was I have been working on a gallery wall for a little while and it’s just about complete and I think you’ll agree, does not match this theme at all!IMG_1243.JPG

So now I need to look for a new location for my gallery wall. I’m thinking my new study or maybe the hall

I’m not sure if my new picture will feature in my living room following the renovation, but hopefully I will have settled on one theme!

4 thoughts on “Oops! I did it again!”

    1. Well it is a snip at the price! That’s why I thought if I don’t use it in the lounge it would be equally as nice in a bedroom! Let me know if you get it.


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