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Laundry Room Update

Last week I shared with you my inspirations for our our new laundry room (here). Today I’m going to share the progress.

This was the room at the start of the renovation; a new extension to our existing house. With the shell up, my very talented hubby is going to carry out the rest of the work inside the house.



And this is what he has achieved in one week!



He has fitted these white gloss base units on both sides of the room, done the plumbing for a new sink and taps, plumbed in a new washer and dryer and added the oak trims to the doors!

As yet we have no worktop because we are having a white quartz which needs to be measured and a template made so this will be a little while longer. Hubby has laid some wood over the units so at least we have a working space.

Now this is what I’ve been up to while hubby has been busy – SHOPPING! Accessories are what make a room in my opinion so here are a few things I’ve found this week.


First of all was this natural cotton laundry hamper (Amazon) in navy, which will be on display all of the time, so I wanted a really nice. It was a bit smaller than I expected it to be so I will add another one, maybe in jute.


Next up, some lovely wood and stone storage pots for laundry products, which I found in my local supermarket.


These lovely little Moroccan plates are also from the supermarket and I intend to display these on the wall, to add to the Moroccan rug I want.

And last of all for now are my soap and lotion dispensers:


I added some lovely labels from Repurposed just to complete the look. Now I just can’t wait for it to be finished!

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