Laundry Room

Laundry room update (week 3)

This is week 3 of our laundry room renovation – I can’t really call it a makeover as the room didn’t previously exist. I want to share with you our progress so far. This is how it started:

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Last week it looked like this:



So this week we had a big dilemma; we had decided to have quartz worktops in the laundry to match the ones I have chosen for the kitchen makeover, but when we got our  final quote of over £2000 we decided to have a re-think. As this room won’t be used for any food or drink prep, which is what stains the surface, we priced up for a cheaper, laminate worktop. For a 4m length and a 3m length and all the up stands, the price came in at almost a tenth of the quartz worktops. It was no-brainer. Here they are installed:

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I’ve got say I’m pretty pleased with the result! Once the worktops were in place, hubby then had to install the sink. We went for a deep single sink, which we ordered online so obviously hadn’t seen. On first inspection, we were pleased with it for the price, although hubby did say the pipe work wasn’t the best quality, but you get what you pay for.

Here it is after installation:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Now hubby, being a perfectionist isn’t very happy with this. Apparently the sink didn’t come with any fixing clips and after contacting the company, was told it just sits in place. As hubby didn’t think was adequate, he glued it in, but it doesn’t sit completely flush.

We chose this shower tap which are both vey pleased with. You can also see here my navy soap dispensers with labels from Brepurposed. I did have to resize the labels as they were too big for my dispensers, but that was easy enough to do. Thanks Bree!

You know me, as impatient as ever, I couldn’t wait to get my accessories together and start dressing the room! Here’s my lovely macrame wall hanging from Maisons du Monde, in place above all my laundry supplies. You can read more about them in week 2’s post.


And here’s how it looks from the sink:

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

The little lidded basket you can see is what I’m using as a small bin for ‘fluff’ from the dryer etc!

At the other side of the room, I’ve hung a clock – hubby says this is premature as he has to put a shelf up over it! I just wanted to see what it looked like! The plant is faux as I unfortunately don’t have green fingers. It’s just waiting for a pretty little basket to sit in.


Once the oak shelf and chrome rail are in place it will look fab! You can see here how the upstand makes a nice neat job of the worktop! My Moroccan plates haven’t been hung yet, as I was worried that I would put a nail through an electric cable, so I decided to wait for hubby. I still need a few accessories for this side of the room and some baskets for the shelf so I’m off to my favourite shop on Saturday, which you can read all about on the blog on Sunday!

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