Laundry Room

Laundry Room Reveal

Although the laundry room has been functional for a couple of  weeks now, there have been a few ‘niggly’ things to finish off before it was completely ready for the big reveal! I’ve also swapped some things around as I wasn’t entirely happy with them! Ok here we go… drumroll!


So you can see I’ve swapped the wall hanging above my laundry products (see here) Although I do love the wall hanging, I think the colours are not quite as bright as I’d hoped for, so this art print adds a little more colour.


You can see from this close up, that I’ve also fiddled around with the items on the tray too! Looks much better now, though. I’m also loving my sockets and switches! I don’t normally get excited by things like this, but these are really Trendi – and no, that’s not a typo, that’s the name of them – Trendi switches!


In case you missed them, these are my navy dispensers (although they look black in this photo!), with vintage looking labels from Brepurposed.


So this is the view down one side of the galley room – I am slightly offended that the washer and dryer aren’t the same. We ordered them online and they they appeared to match in the pictures, but not in real life! That’s one downside to internet shopping! It’s only a small gripe and I’m pleased with their performance so will make do.

And this is the other side, looking out into the garden!


I’m really happy with how my Moroccan plates look on the wall;


I love how you can’t see the plate hangers – that’s one thing which has put me off having plates on the wall in the past. I found these invisible hangers on Ebay:


Looking down the other way, you can see my hanging clothes rack, from Ikea.


The last part of this room to be finished was the door on this space:


Hubby built a frame around the space and then fitted doors on to match the kitchen units.


That’s two completed rooms now! I couldn’t be happier with the finished room – it looks amazing and it it is so nice to have space to do laundry; plenty of work surface for folding and sorting, plenty of drying space and plenty of storage for all of the laundry paraphernalia! There’s only one thing I don’t like and that’s the amount of fluff everywhere! Don’t know wether it’s because it’s all white but if anyone has any tips about how to stop it, please share!



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