Home Office, Living room, renovation

Renovation Update

With two rooms now complete, (see here and here), there’s still a long way to go, but we are making progress! We are currently working on the living room and home office. This is how the living room looked previously:


So, previously we knocked out the doors you can see in the photo above, and had partially prepared the floor for the new oak flooring to go down. Hubby completed the insulation and baton supports for the living room floor and  had to patch up the door way with plasterboard, ready for the plasterer to plaster this last part of the room. This is the view into the living room:


And into the home office:IMG_1417.JPG

The next step was to give the walls a base coat of white:


Finally got rid of the hideous brown wall and cables along the floor!

And then the flooring was ready to be laid. Now, hubby has a LOT of tools and I have seen most of them but not this one, a flooring nailer!


Here it is in action:



Progress was quick and soon it was done!


Next steps are the dividing wall to be plastered and the floor to be oiled to protect it and then we can start transforming the rooms with furniture!



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