How to clean hardwood floors

Since replacing my old laminate floor with an engineered oak hardwood floor, first in the laundry and now in the living room and home office, I thought I had better find how to care for it properly. I’ve noticed some white marks on the laundry floor, which I thought were dust we were trailing in during renovation work but I’ve found out were water marks! After doing some research, I now have a plan to care for my floor properly.

Daily Care    Every day you will need to wipe over your floors with a good microfibre mop, to prevent scratches and surface damage. Microfibre cloths use static electricity to trap dirt, particles and the household allergens. Using a brush is fine too, but simply pushes the dirt around.

Weekly Care  Use a vacuum cleaner to give your floors a deeper clean, to get dirt from between boards and in corners. If your cleaner has a beater bar this should be disabled, as this could damage the wood. You will also need to ensure the wheels on your vacuum are not damaging the floor.

Deeper Cleaning  Dirt, oil and grime can build up over time and aren’t completely removed by dusting or vacuuming. For occasional deep cleaning, use a wood cleaning product diluted according to the manufacturers instructions. Saturate a sponge or mop in the liquid, then wring it out until it’s almost dry so it feels only slightly damp. Damp mop the floor, being careful not to leave any water standing on the floor. If the floor is damp after mopping, wipe over with a towel, as water can leave white marks.

Hopefully this is all you need to do to keep your floors looking amazing, but the beauty of hardwood floors is that for more severe damage, you can always sand them out and retain to match the rest of the floor.

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