Living room

Renovation Update

It’s been ten days since I last posted an update and this is where we were then:


The floor was laid and waiting to be oiled, no skirting boards and waiting for dividing wall to be plastered. Well, we’re still waiting for the wall to be plastered; the plasterer assures us he’s coming tomorrow!

We now have skirting boards!


And the floor has been oiled!


I didn’t want a high shine finished, so instead we opted for two coats of oil to seal and protect the floor and we’re very pleased with the finish. In between all of this, we’ve had a few days away, which gave to floor a chance to dry properly, but as soon as we came back we started to put the furniture back in.


My new cushions haven’t arrived yet, so I’ve just thrown (ha!) these on for now and I did want a large rug, but I quite like the look of the one I already had. As you can see, we haven’t swapped over the light fittings yet.


The walls are looking very bare, but I want to wait until both parts of the room are fully furnished, before I decide how to accessorise.

I also tried the fireplace both with and without the grey mirror. What do you prefer?


It’s difficult to tell when you can’t see all of the room; when it’s completely finished I will do a walk round!


The mantel isn’t decorated yet, again just a few things thrown on!


I picked this gorgeous cactus up from IKEA today. A last ditch attempt at real plants, surely I can’t kill a cactus?IMG_1569.JPG

I also place this little collection of plants in a corner; I am looking for a very low, round table for them but have not found exactly what I want yet. As you can see, I’m keeping the colour palette very simple – greys in the furniture, with white accents to lighten it up and a touch of pink!


Last photo for now, this is the TV corner. The reason I’m keeping the rug small is so I can easily move this footstool infant of the sofa; either as a foot rest or as a coffee table.


Hubby has been busy assembling the IKEA furniture we bought for the home office, so hopefully I can show you that side of the room soon.

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