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Living Room and Office Update

It’s been two weeks since the last room update and if you don’t look closely, you may think nothing has changed, especially in the lounge! This was then:


and this now:


I’ve changed the cushions around as I wasn’t happy with the last arrangement andI’m much happier now; this is more the scandi  look I’m trying to create. The hideous light fittings have gone and been replaced by a simple drum from IKEA. I love the design, but I’m going to change them for the bigger version next time I’m at IKEA to match my new lamps, one of which you can see in this picture. I also love how this little side table looks next to the sofa; it helps to lighten it. I’m looking for a new very large rug to lighten up the space even more. Oh and I almost forgot, the plasterer came and finally finished off the plastering, which hubby has painted!


At the other side of the room, you can see my other new floor lamp; I’m not too happy about being able to see the lead but don’t know how to hide it! I also need something on this wall – I’m thinking a narrow white shelf to display pictures.


Here I’ve just lifted the blinds to let in more light.

Now for the exciting part! Last update, hubby was busy  putting together the new furniture for the office, and this is how it looks so far!


Ignore all of the wires, they will be under the desk. The little grid you can just make out is a clipboard for the wall. I’m absolutely thrilled with my chairs; they were a little more than I wanted to pay but well worth it, both for functionality and aesthetics.


I’m a little bit gutted that we can’t hide the printer away in a cupboard, but at least it’s not on the desk, which is where we originally were going to put it! I need a large plant for the corner on top of the cupboard and maybe some wall art.


I’m also on the look out for something for these little window displays.


I changed my mind about my original choice of rug which you can see here and went for something a little darker, as it is near the access door to the garden. This space is waiting for two grey armchairs, which aren’t arriving until the end of May!


And finally, the view into the garden; there’s still some groundworks to be done around the extension area, but already I’m loving the view!

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