Hallway Inspiration

Hallways (or entryways if you’re from across the pond!) are high traffic zones, but are often neglected as it’s generally not somewhere you spend a lot of time.  If yours is anything like mine, I’m afraid it has become a dumping ground for coats, shoes hats and bags!


But the entrance to your home is a really important space as it sets the tone for the rest of your house and gives guests an overall first impression.  Our hallway is going to be having a major overhaul, including a new staircase. The horrible laminate will be replaced with the same oak flooring as the rest of the house. You can read about  it here.

As we are trying to create a more airy, spacious feel to our home, we are considering opening up the space under the stairs and finding somewhere out of site to store the coats!

These are the sort of stairs we are considering, and it’s got to be oak, of course:

                    1. Stairplan     2. Abbot Wade    3. Stairbox

None of these are the exact same configuration as ours but it’s basically knock out the old  pine staircase, replace with oak stairs and rails and stick in some glass! Only thing that worries me is, hubby says we will have to access upstairs by ladder while he’s installing them!

One of the reasons I agreed to knocking out the cupboard under the stairs is to give me a little space to decorate. I’m loving the monochrome look at the minute so I’ve put together this little mood board, with the links below. Although I do love real houseplants, because it may be quite dark under the stairs, I’ve chosen an artificial one for here.





Black table lamp 

Artificial houseplant

Maisons du Monde cushion

Ikea faux fur rug

Wordans black string chair

French Connection mirror

Ikea shoe cabinet




Featured Image – Ikea

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