How to plan a room makeover

I know it can be quite daunting when you’re planning a total room overhaul, so I’ve come up with this step by step guide to make things easier and ensure your room looks cohesive.

Step 1 – Get Inspired

The first thing you need to do is to decide how you want your room to look. I use Pinterest for all of my inspiration, as I can save everything I like onto one board. Now I use Pinterest continually and every time I see anything I like I just save to my board for that particular room. The room that I’m planning next is my master bedroom so these are just a few of the pins I have on this board.

Images uploaded to Pinterest by (from left to right) 1. Brianna  2. My Scandinavian Home blog  3. @the_stables_  4. @maddddeleine

I know that I want a dressing table so Ive also pinned lots of dressing table ideas too!

Step 2 – Find the Common Threads

Once you’ve got all your inspiration in one place, look for the common threads. Look for common colours, textures and styles that are catching your eye. From my board, you can see the common colours are white, grey and pink (like in the rest of my home!), there’s lots of texture, in knitted throws, velvet cushions and quilted fabrics, interspersed with white and pink furniture and accessories.

Step 3 – Make an Inventory

This should include the pieces of furniture and accessories that you will be keeping that will fit within your chosen theme and also any items that you will need to buy to complete the look.


Now I am starting with pretty much a blank canvas. I have fitted mirror wardrobes which will be staying and these IKEA Malm drawers, which will also be staying. What i will need to buy will be new bedding and plenty of textured throws and cushions. I will also need a dressing table so I think that will also be from IKEA as we don’t have a lot of space, and I will also need a lamp and a mirror.

Step 4 – Set up a Budget

Now you have a vague idea of what you will need to buy, decide on a budget so you can begin to source your items. If like me, you like to change your mind often, then maybe its not a good idea to splurge on accessories. Instead stick to budget items then if you want to change your accessories in a year it doesn’t matter. Larger items like furniture and beds are worth splurging on as they will have to last longer.

Step 5 – Go Shopping!

This is the fun part. A lot of items can be sourced without leaving your armchair, but for items like bedding and soft furnishings, I think it’s always worth seeing it in real life. You need to feel how soft a throw is or how ‘squishy’ a cushion is.

I always like to plan a little way ahead so that while you’re out and about shopping, you might just happen to see something for your new room that will be just be perfect. At any one time, my head is full of multiple room designs!

Featured Image uploaded to Pinterest by Brianna

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