Garden Inspiration -Scandinavian Style!

As one job in the house finishes, I’m always looking to the next one! And the next, and the next! I think this is a good thing though, it helps me to see the house as a whole and not just individual rooms. I have a plan in my head for the rooms downstairs, so as we’re not starting upstairs quite yet, in my head I’ve started thinking about our outside area.

I’ve been looking for inspiration and I thought I would share my ideas with you. I have to be mindful of what we have already and how to work with that.



So this is the view from our new extension at the back of the house. We love this thatched gazebo, even though it’s not really Scandinavian in design! But, in true Scandinavian style we are going to put a small sauna behind the gazebo and have a hot tub inside the gazebo! I’ve been looking at different designs for a path leading from the house up to the gazebo. We want something that won’t interfere with cutting the grass – it’s all about making life easier!

Sources from left to right: / /


This area will be a seating area with two chairs and I would love a fire pit here, to sit out after using the hot tub!


These areas of my garden are not too bad, but when we move round the corner, to the patio and decking areas outside of the kitchen, you can see there’s more work required! There’s a mish mash of different surfaces and types of seating; cobbled patio with wooden table and chairs, decking with rattan seating, a gravel path and slate clippings under the barbecue!


We like to barbecue as much as possible, but don’t like the look of the ugly cover so hubby is going to build it into a wooden cover to match the lovely bin store he made.

Barbecue from

This wood panelling mixed with the brick and other textures will look beautiful and will help to add interest. We are also going to add wood panelling as a feature to the large brick area.


It wouldn’t be a scandi style garden without lots of lights! With two sets of bifold doors, how lovely will it be to sit at nighttime with low lights inside, looking at twinkly lights outside?

                    Home Decor Ideas – HomeBNC              Christmas Lights, Etc



I’m already dreaming of long, hot summers in the garden sipping Prosecco!




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