Kitchen Reveal

This update has been a long time coming! I’ve been waiting until every aspect of the kitchen was finished to share it, but I still haven’t finished accessorising it and feel like I might be waiting forever to find that perfect picture to hang or exactly the right kitchen roll holder! Also, because of work commitments, i just never seem to be at home when the light is right to photograph it! Basically, what I’m trying to say is, the photos and accessories are not the best, but they’re the best I can do at this time.

Apologies in advance, but this will be a long post; you may want to grab a cuppa and put your feet up! We have had the same kitchen since we moved into our house about twenty years ago, and I’ve hated it for about ten years. Hubby always had in his mind that he wanted to build an extension on the back of the house and insisted we couldn’t have a kitchen until that started. Long story short, work started on our extension in May 2015 and I began to get excited about my new kitchen!


However, we had several problems with the builders and consequently, the shell of the building wasn’t finished until December! Ridiculous for a single storey extension!

Hubby had always planned on doing the interior work himself, but after  seeing the cock-ups the builders caused, was even more determined to. Fast forward to June and finally ready to start the kitchen, I’m almost embarrassed to say this is how it looked!



You can see how we coped with most of the messy work here. I’m just going to share with you some of the worst parts, no words necessary!





When you’re living through all of that, you don’t realise how bad it was until you look back at the photos! It makes me shudder! This is obviously why I keep going into the kitchen now and just staring at it!

And this is where we were at the end of that last kitchen post:


Since then we’ve (ahem Hubby!) has fit the rest of the wall units and we’ve had the new Krion worktop fitted with an undercounter sink and Quooker boiling water tap. You can read about the Krion worktop here.


Excuse the lighting in this photo, but hubby wanted to show off his kick board lights, which I am not a huge fan of! I am however, a huge fan of the worktops! I was paranoid at first about staining and was constantly cleaning, but this has worn off now – you just need a quick spray of Cillit Bang and its a s good as new! As you can see I couldn’t wait to start adding some pretty accessories!


I also love my tap! Its great not having to have a kettle and I’m trying to convince myself that the money we will save by not boiling too much water in the kettle will soon pay for itself!

We chose white metro tiles, after much deliberation, and I think it was the right choice.


Hubby insisted it was fine to tile straight onto the existing tiles, I was apprehensive, but I hate to say he was right! They’ve stayed on so far!


I was very tempted to use dark grout, as its very ‘in’ at the minute, but in the end we opted for white. Again, right decision!



Okay, drumroll! Here is the finished article, minus a few more pretty things when I can find the perfect things, I don’t want to rush into buying just for the sake of it, like I usually do. I am learning!









Again, apologies for the poor lighting, but things have been so hectic lately that I haven’t very often been home when its light! keep following on Instagram to see better shots!

Anyway, onwards and upwards! The next room on the revamp list is the dining room, which we hope to get finished before Christmas! Better get cracking! I leave you with a photo of said dining room.



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