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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Silly me! Here was I thinking I would be able to put up my decorations and show you some twinkle! Instead this is what I’m faced with:


When we got up on Sunday morning, hubby decided it was a good idea to start on the dining room revamp. Now I know I shouldn’t complain, because this will be the last room to be completed in what I’ve dubbed as phase one. You can see what we, or should I say, have planned for this room here.

This is how the room looked before:

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 14.28.30.png

In an effort to update the room, pre-revamp, I added these tulip chairs:


The first job was to strip the hideous wallpaper. We chose the wallpaper when I wasn’t that interested in home decor; a busy teaching career and two young children was all I had time for. So fast forward a few years and I hate the stuff!

The furniture from the dining room is now dotted around the other rooms downstairs, which is why i can’t put my tree up!


This is the dismantled table, stored behind the small sofa,


the chairs are stacked behind the large sofa,


and the mirror is behind the chairs in the office!

Today, the wood has been stripped from around the previous doorway, skirting boards have been pulled off, walls have been stripped and the doorway has been plastered! Oh and the walls have been painted white.


Day two saw the floor laid:


and the oak skirting boards fitted. He doesn’t waste much time does he?  Things will stay this way until Friday, as we’re away for work until then, but the next step is to oil the floor.

So before we left home today, I put up the only  tree I was able to!


I am so far behind in my Christmas preparation this year! I will finally be starting my Christmas shopping on Friday and next week hope to share some wrapping ideas with you.

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