Dining Room

Dining room – almost done!

This last week has been a bit manic, to say the least! Poor hubby has worked really hard to get the dining room done so I could put the furniture back in and put the Christmas tree up! Well I’m pleased to say the tree is up ! Ta da!

I know it’s not really Scandi style, but some of the tree decorations are so pretty, I couldn’t bear not to put them up!

Anyway, back to the dining room. It’s very oaky! Oak floors and skirting boards, oak table and sideboard and even wooden blinds! You can see how it looked before here.

The walls are bare, apart from the mirror, which, yes you guessed, is oak! I’m waiting for a delivery of prints from Desenio and I was going to have a trip to Ikea for frames, but Desenio also do frames, so I went ahead and ordered from them! I’ll let you know what they’re like when they get here! I was going to show you a sneak preview but I’ve decided to wait and show you when they’re up! Now there’s something to look forward to!

I was hoping to get a rug for under the table but haven’t yet, I’ve decided not to be hasty and rush into it. We’re going to ‘live’ with the room for a while before we decide. It is very echoey though!

On another note, we took delivery of our very first hot tub! Hubby has wanted one for ages, so it was a dream come true for him.

I’ve got say it’s been harder than I thought setting it up! You have to constantly test and adjust the water, we’ve already had to drain and refill it because we did something wrong! I know, first world problems! Anyway, I think we’ve cracked it now and I’ve got to say, it is SO relaxing!

I was hoping to share some Christmas wrapping ideas with you this week, but have run out of time. I’m off to Berlin for a few days so hoping to pick up some gorgeous decorations from the Christmas markets.

Hope your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely! Thanks for popping by x

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