How to (or how not to!) make your own candles.

It’s no secret that I love candles and always have at least a couple burning in different rooms of the house. Recently, however, it has concerned me that the lovely smelly candles I like are not that good for you. If you want to find out more read this article.

I’ve looked at natural beeswax candles, but although they look and smell gorgeous, they’re quite expensive. I’ve also seen lots of lovely soy candle sellers on Instagram and have been tempted, but I’m a little reluctant to go ahead and buy in case I don’t like the scent! So after doing a little research (literally five minutes!) I decided to have a go at making my own.

Being impatient, I ordered my supplies from Amazon with next day delivery. So you will need soy wax flake like these.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 16.32.04.png


From the little research I did, I chose wicks with sticky dots to attach to the bottom of the container like these:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 16.52.31.png

The container I chose to make my prototype was this pretty little pink and white dish from Ikea. And there lies the first problem, but more about that later!

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 17.03.13.png

The solid wax reduces to about half it’s volume once melted, so to measure your wax flakes, simply fill your container twice over and put it into your melting pot! I used a plastic jug, which I placed inside a saucepan about a third full of boiling water.


Make sure your jug or bowl is big enough to prevent any water splashing up into it, as this will affect the setting process. It doesn’t take too long for the wax flakes to melt and it is quite therapeutic watching all those little flakes slowly melt before your eyes!

Now this is where I made my first mistake. Once the wax is melted, you need to leave it to cool slightly before adding your scent. I used some essential oil that I picked up on holiday in Egypt but I didn’t allow the wax to cool and when the candle is lit, it has no smell!

Not allowing the wax to cool proved to be a problem for the wick as well. Previous to pouring in the melted wax, I had used one of the sticky dots to attach the wick to the bottom of the container. I was very careful to place it centrally as I had read that this would effect how evenly the candle burns.


As soon as I poured the melted wax in, the sticky disc became detached from the wick! Now I don’t know if this was because I hadn’t allowed the wax to cool, or maybe there’s a more effective way of sticking the wick in. If there are any experienced candle makers out there, maybe you can suggest a better way?

The only thing I could think of doing, was to wrap the wick around a pencil and hope for the best!


I left it to set for 24 hours and voila!


As you can see, the wick isn’t central but i think it still looks pretty! Has this put me off candle making? No way, it could become my new obsession. I’m currently looking all round the house to see what containers I can steal to make more candles! Its also a way to re-use all those pretty ceramic candles you already have.

I would greatly appreciate any tips if anyone has any! Please comment below.





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