How to make a cleaning schedule work for you.

Okay, I don’t mind admitting it! Im a sucker for a good list, schedular or planner, but when it comes to using it, that’s another matter! Since we finished the renovations downstairs just before Christmas, I’ve been determined to keep on top of the housework and not do my usual – fly around the house like a crazy woman, trying to clean everything in a day! I blogged about cleaning schedules almost a year ago here and still haven’t taken my own advice. It’s difficult to get into any sort of routine with building work going on and working away from home a few days a week. So now that both of these things are coming to end, I’m determined to win the battle of the housework! After much procrastination and perusal on all the usual social media channels, Ive decided to follow the tried and tested method of Gemma at The Organised Mum.

Now I’m not going to regurgitate everything she says here, you can read her blog to find out what it’s all about. I just intend to tell you how I used her schedule and what worked for me. She suggests starting with a bootcamp, if your house needs a deep clean. Mine isn’t particularly dirty, because as I said, earlier, I am trying to keep on top of things. But, because I really want this cleaning schedule to work, I started with the boot camp. I started on a Thursday, which was kitchen day.


It took just over an hour to complete all of the tasks and get the kitchen looking all sparkly!


I even had time to play around or ‘faff’ as I call it!



Even after just one day, I can see how this system will work for me – I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow’s task – bathrooms! I shall report back in a few days and let you know how it’s going! In the meantime checkout The Organised Mum’s bootcamp for yourself!

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