Cleaning schedule update

In case you didn’t read my post last week about my new cleaning schedule, I’ve decided to follow The Organised Mum‘s method which promises to cut down on the time you spend on housework, if you follow her methods to the letter. So it has taken me over a week to finally finish bootcamp, which is deep clean of all the rooms in the house. The last room to be cleaned  yesterday  was the hall, stairs and landing. I’ve been dreading this because I knew I would have to tackle the dreaded wooden blinds. I kid you not, it took almost an hour to clean them in the upstairs bay window! But that’s not the worst bit – as I was onto the last blind, hubby appeared in response to my huffing and puffing (and maybe a little cursing and swearing). He said “if you hate them that much, why don’t you get something else?”. He’d barley got back downstairs before the blinds had been unclipped and removed! They’re now outside awaiting their final destination – the local recycling centre! But the next dilemma is what to choose for the landing bay window? The main criteria is that it’s easy to clean!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 19.08.44.png

I love these white satin wooden blinds from 247 Blinds, but wonder if they would cause me as much irritation.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 19.18.54.png

These Day Night blinds are also on my list. What I really want are integral blinds, like these we have in the new extension:


But as this would involve replacing the windows, this won’t be happening!


Anyway, back to the cleaning schedule! My house does look sparkly clean!


I’m now ready to start with the level 2 weekly tasks; the level 1 daily tasks have not been a problem, but I honestly cannot see how you can possibly achieve all the level 2 tasks  in half an hour! I know it is possible because I have been following the facebook group and lots of people say it can be done. So tomorrow is living room day and in half an hour I need to do as much of this list as I can:

  • Clean and polish windows and mirrors
  • Dust skirting boards
  • Tidy away everything that doesn’t belong
  • Hoover under the furniture
  • Mop floors
  • Hoover under sofa cushions
  • Give everything a really good dust


What do you reckon? I’m going to give it a go and I will report back!



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