Laundry Room

How to organise a laundry room

Things have been a little slow on the renovation front around here lately, don’t ask me why. We have the shower room all stripped and ready to start, we have the sanitary ware stored in the garage ready to install, but what we don’t seem to have is either the time nor the inclination to get started! Maybe it’s because we are about to become grandparents, or maybe it’s because we are having a change of direction work wise, or maybe it’s because hubby is too busy helping out our son with his house and our daughter with hers!

Anyway, as Top to Toe Decor has now been around for a whole year, I thought I would share with you some of our refurbed rooms, a year down the line. Today I will give you an inside tour (literally!) of the laundry/utility room. If you’re interested to see before and after pictures you can check back here, here, here and here! 


So my storage tray has stayed the same all year, and is used daily. It holds tumble dryer sheets, washing liquid tabs and fabric conditioner. The lidded basket is for rubbish.

Opposite this is a double fronted unit which holds extra supplies ( this has not been styled, just as it is!) This is all the washing and ironing supplies, along with a shelf for my ironing! This was one thing I wouldn’t compromise on when we fitted out the room, as I was sick of looking at a huge basket of ironing!


I also keep hangers here so I can hang ironed clothes, straight onto this rack.


The large full height cupboards you can see above hold a lot of my cleaning products, ironing board and vacuum cleaner, as well as the combi boiler.


The ironing board hangs on the back of the door, to free up more space inside and on the other door I have a pocket hanger which holds cleaning products.


There are a few more cleaning products under the sink, in a basket on the back of the door.


I only have one set of drawers in the laundry room and they’re not pretty inside but this is a warts and all post so will show you!


So this is the outside; and on the inside:


this is the medicine drawer! I think I need to have a few more plastic containers to organise it a bit better!


The next one is mainly for batteries, which are running low at the minute. Don’t ask me why we have to keep so many old keys, that’s my hubby’s thing!


And who on earth needs so many light bulbs? Ask hubby!


And last of all is the man drawer! I can’t believe all of this used to be in the kitchen before we built the extension. I think we needed the extension just for light bulbs!

To make up for the lack of drawer units, we added one of these to the inside of one of the base units.


Another place for bits and bobs!

One last thing I want to share with you, if you don’t already know about them are these Amazon dash buttons.


It’s such an easy way to stock up on essentials. First you need to buy the dash button and opt for products you want to use. When you want to order a replacement, simply press the button and Amazon will deliver the next day!

Im sorry this post hasn’t been pretty, but I hope its been useful!



2 thoughts on “How to organise a laundry room”

  1. I really like how you’ve arranged the daily laundry supplies out on the counter. Is the trash bin for things you find in pockets? I love seeing other people’s practical storage… way better than staged “pretty” storage.!


    1. Hi there! Pleased you enjoyed looking round my laundry room! The little bin is for any used tumble dryer sheets and fluff from the dryer. I NEVER empty pockets, it’s hubby’s lookout if he forgets!


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