Signs you might be an interiors addict!

Hello, my name’s Mandy and I’m an addict! No, not to alcohol, but to home interiors. I started this blog just over a year ago to document our home renovations but didn’t realise how addicted I would become to interiors! As you’re visiting my blog, here are some signs that you may be an addict too!

Copy of How to create a.png

1. You would rather buy home accessories than clothes.

I never thought this would be me, as I was rather addicted to buying clothes but since the start of the renovations, I can now more often be found in the home department of a store than the fashion departments!


2. Even your laundry products look pretty.

I would hate to spoil my laundry room with ugly washing products or ugly soap dispensers. I  keep these firmly hidden away in the cupboard, but as the room needs to be practical, I keep a small supply of these items in pretty containers.


3. You have a constant urge to plump your cushions.

I used to laugh at my daughter when she wouldn’t let her husband use some of their cushions because he squashed them! I’m so with her now; as soon as hubby gets up, I have to fight the urge to plump the pillows!


4. You would like to hide your T.V.

Let’s face it, they’re not the prettiest of objects and they just seem to be getting bigger and bigger! It doesn’t matter what you do to hide it, it just isn’t possible. It’s not just TV’s, its all the wires and speakers that go with it. I’d love to here if you have a way of hiding yours! We also have an open plan office, so computers are on show too!


5. You’re always thinking of ways to improve your home

I don’t know about you, but no sooner have I finished one room, then I start planning the next. In fact I already have a mood board for two rooms which are yet to be renovated in our house. Sometimes it’s not such a good thing though, as often I’ve changed my mind by the time we get around to doing it!

6. You steal inspiration from everywhere.

Everywhere I go now, I’m always looking for ideas to steal. It might be chairs in a restaurant or light fittings in a hotel, even when visiting friends! My biggest sources of inspiration are definitely Instagram and Pinterest though, they are my new hobby now that I’ve left teaching! here are a few of my squares from Instagram:

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 16.31.13.png

Well, what’s the verdict? Are you an addict like me? Please tell me I’m not the only one! 💕 💕




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