5 ways to add hygge to your home


Hygge is a Scandinavian way of life that spreads warmth and calm, celebrating health and happiness by enjoying life’s little pleasures. As I am embracing a slower pace of life with less work commitments and the role of grandparent being imminent, I thought it would be a perfect time to make a bigger effort to incorporate hygge into our lifestyle. Here are my top five tips to help you achieve this and five great  Instagram accounts you should be following for hygge inspiration.

1. Neutral Colour Scheme

Your colour scheme should never be too overwhelming for hygge. Using a neutral colour palette encourages a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. You should aim for a palette of pale greys, browns and creams; they’re easy to incorporate and help to generate harmony and peace.

Who to follow on Instagram for a neutral colour scheme: @hygge_vibes

2. Comfortable Atmosphere

Cosiness is key when it comes to hygge. One way to create a cosy atmosphere is to use lots of cushions, throws and rugs. A cosy nook like a window seat is another way to create a a space to relax with with a hot drink and a good book.


We created this cosy space for reading, away from the TV for total peace and tranquility.

One to follow on Instagram for creating cosy spaces is @buttonandbark.  Check out these gorgeous spaces:


3. Candles

Candles are a must for incorporating hygge into your decor. The soft, warm glow created by candles is perfect for relaxing and socialising with friends. Tabita from @tabita_aundal achieves this perfectly.


4. Lights

Twinkly lights create a perfect hygge atmosphere. The cheery glow is perfect for the bedroom or spots where friends gather such as the living room or dining room.

Isabella does this beautifully. Check her out on Instagram at @bellas_hem


5. Natural Textures

Adding texture is a great way to create interest to an otherwise minimalist decor. You can do this by incorporating warm, natural materials like wood, wool and fur. A pop of colour from a plant is also a simple way to add a natural element.


This cosy account belongs to @emskipihla


Thanks for stopping by and please take a look at these gorgeous accounts on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed! xox

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