Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner

I know it’s really sad to be excited about a vacuum cleaner, but I love this one so much, I just had to share!

Ive had about four different types of Dyson cleaner and loved them all but the one thing I found frustrating about them was cleaning the stairs! Struggling to carry the cleaner (they’re not light), and tying myself in knots with the flexi hose drove me mad! We even bought one with an extra long hose especially for cleaning the stairs, but this wasn’t much better! After a particularly long moaning session, hubby declared ” RIGHT! That’s it! Im sick of you moaning; were going to get a new hoover!” I already knew that I wanted a cordless one so after a  lot of research  we finally decided on the Dyson V8. We didn’t test it out in a store previously as we already knew that Dysons were reliable.

It comes complete with charging unit, which can be fixed to a wall near to a socket. Once it’s stored, it’s constantly charging. When it first arrived we had a to charge it for a few hours before we could use it, but then we were good to go! Once fully charged, it lasts up to 40 minutes, depending if you use standard or maximum suction. It’s very easy to empty the dust collecting chamber and I empty after each use. I don’t think this is necessary, but it’s not that big.

The first place I tried it was on the stairs. I kid you not, I nearly passed out with excitement at how easy it was to use! I just clicked in the attachment and was away. It’s really very light and has excellent suction.

There’s also a small tool for crevices, but I find this one does the job perfectly.

The tools are easy to swap over, just click to remove and push the new on into place. It has a head for cleaning carpets and another one for hard floors. The smaller one I use for the stairs is also for upholstery, which is brilliant if you have fabric sofas.

It has brilliant suction. This is one of the things that I thought may be compromised in a cordless version, but I can’t say that I have noticed any difference. My rugs have never been so clean!

What I really love about this cleaner is that it’s so easy to use for any spills or just a quick whizz round. I find it easier to use than a sweeping brush on my wood floors. You just lift it out of it’s cradle and you’re off. Cleaning has never been so easy, in fact I think I vacuum more now because it’s not such a big deal, lugging a heavy piece of equipment around.

If it’s something you’re considering, I would say definitely go for it! I love mine!

No affiliate links in this post; this post is not endorsed by Dyson.

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