Bathroom renovations begin!

Please excuse the lack of pretty pictures in this post, but I needed to document this stage of our bathroom renovation as a reminder to my hubby of how long it’s been going on!


So in my mind’s eye, this is what I’m hoping my bathroom will look like, but in reality I know it never will. My room isn’t this big or this shape but we really are trying to make the most of what we have.

Photos by Steam Shower Dealer

Anyway, let me run through our plans with you! I was going to say first of all we are converting a small bedroom into the guest shower room which will serve two bedrooms. This can’t be first because the plumbing for this room needs to feed into the bathroom which is next to it! This has meant that we have had to take out the existing family bathroom and all we are left with is a tiny (and I do mean tiny!) en suite shower room, which isn’t too bad for just hubby and me but when our son comes to stay this get awkward! The plans for the en suite bathroom involve knocking out a wall and combining the existing en suite and bathroom into one decent sized ensuite bathroom and shower room.

You can check out how the room looked, way back in January, here. And it still looks exactly the same, six months later!

I’m almost ashamed to show you how the bathroom looked, but here goes!


Very 90’s, with its brass taps, shaped basin and pine accessories! Now you can see why I was so desperate to replace it!

This is how we went about removing the bathroom. Well when I say we, I actually mean hubby, whilst I watched! So the first thing was to remove the toilet and cap the soil pipe, and remove the radiator from the wall which is to be removed.


Then the sink was removed and pipes capped and the ugly pine bath panel removed. IMG_3975.JPG

As we are having a free standing bath, the section that was built in at the end of the bath had to be knocked out.


And then the bath was gone!


The tiles under the window had to be removed, along with the frame work to allow access to the pipe work.


And apart from clearing all the debris, that’s pretty much how it is right now!

So next stage is to work out if we need to build the floor up to accommodate the new pipe work or can the pipes be cut into into the existing floor joist under the floor. Well again, the royal ‘we’! Im thinking tiles and accessories while hubby works on this! Decisions, decisions!








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