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New Print Store

I’m always on the look out for new prints for my walls, so was delighted to find a brand new store on Instagram, with a fantastic and ever growing range of prints. Here’s just a few of their range:

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 20.14.43.png

D’Luxe Prints

Owner of D’Luxe Prints, D’Onne, is 35 and lives in Reading with her fiancé  and their 13 year old son. Here’s D’Onne answering some questions about her new venture.



How did D’Luxe prints come about?

D’LUxe prints was born after we decorated my son’s room last year and he wanted prints for his room. He was being picky so I decided to just make him his own personalised prints which he ended up loving! I then started making and adding personalised prints as an extra present for friends, family and colleagues for Christmas and birthdays and then I started to receive paid orders. I started to get the same prints requested all the time so decided it would be easier to have an online shop to showcase my prints and also offer customised prints. Hence, D’Luxe prints was born.


This “why HELLO’ print is just one of the many prints I have in my home from D’Luxe Prints

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from everywhere! From hearing quotes whilst watching a movie, song lyrics and favourite famous quotes. The illustrations and photography are prints I would display in my own home. Some of the photography prints I sell are actually taken by my mum, who isn’t a professional photographer but just likes to take photos on her daily travels. My mum’s home is stunning and her sense of style is amazing, I like to think I’m following in her footsteps.


The ‘calm’ print is another of D’Onne’s prints

Is your background in digital print?

I don’t have a digital background, other than web design until late last year. I just love to challenge myself to learn new things and I’m so glad i did! I love creating prints and seeing them displayed in their new homes; it’s a lovely feeling! I started by learning to build websites over 10 years ago whilst on maternity leave with my son and since then create websites in my spare time for small businesses, kids football clubs and charities. My partner owns a football club and I did their website.

IMG_5643 2

These are the latest additions to my D’Luxe collection.

Is this your full time job or do you have a day job?

My full time job is actually working for a utilities company dealing with customer complaints and looking at continuous improvements. D’ luxe Prints is actually my evenings and weekend job.


This is just one of the many motivational quotes from D’Luxe

Do you showcase your prints in your own home?

I do showcase my prints at home but not as many as I’d like. We are currently redecorating the downstairs rooms so once complete, will be putting more prints up. My son’s room is full of our prints and we have prints in my bedroom and bathroom.


So, there you have it – a quick insight into the woman behind the prints. If you do want to order anything from D’Luxe Prints if you use the code ‘mandy 20’, you can get a whopping 20% off your order.


DISCLAIMER: All of the prints featured were very kindly gifted, but all opinions are genuine. 

Featured image courtesy of D’Luxe Prints

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