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Choosing a new rug – trials and tribulations

If you follow me on Instagram then you will no  doubt know that I have been searching for a rug for my living room for what feels like forever! Part of the problem is that the room is long and thin with a fireplace in the centre but a door opposite this so it makes positioning the furniture quite tricky!

When we first decorated the room I opted for this rug from Ikea


It was meant to be a stop gap until we could find exactly what we wanted but we have had it for almost two years now! It’s excellent value for money as it’s a very good quality with a lovely thick pile BUT it’s too dark for my room and also too small.


I know this may be OCD but I like the rug to be central to the fireplace, which meant there was a lot of floor and not much rug!

In a quest for the perfect rug, I decided to swap my rug from the office part of the room to the living room as it’s much lighter.


Now this rug is smaller still but I really like how it brightened the space up.


You can see here how small it is, it just looks lost in the room.


Also the grey one didn’t look too good in the office.


So the criteria for the new rug was something bigger and lighter than these two! Simple you’d think, but I found it so hard to make a decision. I considered this one, which I love, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 20.33.13.png

but as we are not particularly careful in the house and often spill drinks etc. I decided that this one was too light! We often have our daughter’s dog to stay  and with our first grandchild imminent, we don’t want to have to start being careful now.

As I loved the look of my pink rug in here, I next considered a larger pink rug as an option. Two things put me off – the fact that all of the pink rugs I liked were really expensive and also, as I’m prone to change my mind often, I was worried that I would want to change my colour scheme and move away from pink one day.

As I was struggling to make a decision, I put it out of my mind until recently. I was approached by Kukoon Rugs who asked me to take a look at their rugs. I’d already decided that I wanted a silver grey rug, which narrowed my search down considerably but when I looked at Kukoon, I’m not kidding, there were so many to choose from. After boring the family to death trying to decide, measuring and re-measuring, laying paper out the size of the rug and much dithering, I narrowed it down to these three:

A plain silver grey shag pile, a plain grey textured pile and a grey and white boho-ish thick pile. I love the boho type rug but was worried it wouldn’t suit my style and the textured rug was mega expensive so I eventually decided to settle for the plain one, as I thought it will give me more options.

Delivery was very quick, arriving within a week and I’ve got to tell you, I was a little nervous when it did arrive. I know this wasn’t  a major expense but I had invested a lot of time and effort in choosing it so I wanted to at least like it, even if I didn’t love it!


It took a few minutes before I plucked up the courage to unwrap it! I could see immediately that I loved the colour, it was the perfect light grey I was after so that was a relief. Now that it’s in the room, I think I could have gone even bigger, but am happy with this size for now. The rug is everything I was expecting for a rug of this price; it’s a nice quality and lovely and fluffy underfoot.


I just need to wait for the transit creases to flatten out, then I’ll be totally happy.  Hopefully, no more rug shopping for a while!

Until next time

Mandy x


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