Baby girl baby shower/sprinkle!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will already know that the baby has arrived safely and I will share some pictures at the end of this post! No, not my baby; my granddaughter!

What you might not know is that my daughter did not enjoy her pregnancy at all, as she has a severe phobia of inside of the body, so as you can imagine, pregnancy was an extremely stressful time for her. However, she was prepared to go through it as she really wanted to be a mother! So that brings us to the baby shower. She really didn’t want a shower, as was worried it would encourage lots of talking about and touching her pregnant tummy, which she would have hated. Instead of a full blown baby shower, I decided to host a very small baby ‘sprinkle’ with only family members who are aware of her condition.

We decided we would hold it only two days before her planned ‘C’ section, which is partly why it’s taken so long to post this!

The first thing I organised was the decor. My daughter has always loved the ‘Hello World’ clothes for newborns so I decided on this banner as a backdrop. I ordered ‘Hello World’ paper plates too, which were lovely but I hadn’t realised they were mint green!



I wanted to have mostly pink food but as my daughter loves chocolate cake, I had to order some cup cake wrap around covers and cake toppers to keep with the pink theme!

Cake Cases                                                     Cake Toppers


As there wasn’t much pink food to be found, I had to improvise! I bought some mini doughnuts and decorated some with white chocolate and sprinkles and some with pink icing and glitter. I decorated some mini shortbread biscuits with pink chocolate and hearts and some strawberries which I dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles!



I was able to utilise my new little bar shelf to serve up prosecco.


Everyone brought gifts for mother and baby, which were opened whilst listening to my baby shower playlist, which went down well.

It wouldn’t be a baby shower without a few silly games so we had the standard ‘guess what’s in the nappy’.


Pinterest was a great source for finding games and this one was very popular:

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 22.30.52.png Pinterest

Another good game was modelling baby items from play dough! It reminded me of my teaching days, as I haven’t made a batch of play dough since then!

We also did a couple of pen and paper activities; a quiz to see who knew the most about the mum to be and some advice cards. All in all, it was a lovely, chilled afternoon!

And then two days later, the icing on the cake! Meet Lydia Rose, my beautiful granddaughter!


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