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Decorating with flowers

I love to have fresh flowers in my home. In fact, if I could afford it, I would have them in every room! I’d love to say I buy my flowers from a posh florist and bring them home in a gorgeous basket but the reality is I usually pick up a bunch as I’m racing round the supermarket! I only buy pink or white flowers to match my decor so it’s just whatever is in season.


Now I’m not very adventurous when it comes to flower arranging, so if its fancy flower arrangements you’re looking for, you should stop reading now! I prefer the more simplistic look of ‘plonking’ flowers in a vase! I like to think this is more ‘hygge’ or scandi, where really in my case, it’s a bit of laziness and a lack of know how! I do always trim the stems and add flower food to the water though.

The place I nearly always have flowers is my mantlepiece.


My favourite vase for flowers is this stunning Catcooee Ball vase, although I do occasionally use other vases. Sometimes, depending on the size of the flowers, I will place them on a side table in the living room too.


I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, either cooking or this is mostly where hubby and I eat so I like to have a few small flowers in here. I’d love to be able pick flowers from the garden, but the only thing I’ve managed this year was this lavender!

IMG_5276 2.JPG


A real luxury is to have flowers in my office, especially if they have a nice scent!


If you use Instagram and follow me, you might have seen that I co-host a flower hashtag competition with some other like-minded flower enthusiasts. All you need to do to enter is post a flower picture, use the hashtag #fabflowersonfriday, follow all the hosts (you can find this in my highlights on my Instagram bio) and wait to see who we choose as winner! The winner gets to co-host with us each week! I’d love to know if you’ve seen it or even entered!


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