Bathroom renovations begin!

Please excuse the lack of pretty pictures in this post, but I needed to document this stage of our bathroom renovation as a reminder to my hubby of how long it's been going on!   So in my mind's eye, this is what I'm hoping my bathroom will look like, but in reality I know… Continue reading Bathroom renovations begin!

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Gallery walls – love them or hate them?

I've always loved gallery walls, but have never actually got round to finishing one! I know they've been around for years now, so  to check what my followers think of them, I did a little poll on Instagram! I'd say that shows they are still popular, which is a relief as I've been collecting my… Continue reading Gallery walls – love them or hate them?


Supporting Small Businesses – Wildfox Home

Every now and then I stumble across a small business that I love, sometimes a shop I've visited,  like TheCastle or sometimes a shop I find on Instagram. Wildfox Home is one of my all time favourite Instagram finds! It's easy to get caught up in the mass produced cheap finds available on the high street, and there's nothing really… Continue reading Supporting Small Businesses – Wildfox Home

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Guest room mini makeover on a budget

If you have been reading my posts for a while, you will know that I'm very impatient! You will also know that we have now renovated all the downstairs rooms in our house, and will starting upstairs very soon! Eek, exciting! Well, I've got a little bored of waiting so was looking for a quick… Continue reading Guest room mini makeover on a budget


Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner

I know it's really sad to be excited about a vacuum cleaner, but I love this one so much, I just had to share! Ive had about four different types of Dyson cleaner and loved them all but the one thing I found frustrating about them was cleaning the stairs! Struggling to carry the cleaner… Continue reading Dyson V8 cordless vacuum cleaner


Signs you might be an interiors addict!

Hello, my name's Mandy and I'm an addict! No, not to alcohol, but to home interiors. I started this blog just over a year ago to document our home renovations but didn't realise how addicted I would become to interiors! As you're visiting my blog, here are some signs that you may be an addict… Continue reading Signs you might be an interiors addict!

Laundry Room

How to organise a laundry room

Things have been a little slow on the renovation front around here lately, don't ask me why. We have the shower room all stripped and ready to start, we have the sanitary ware stored in the garage ready to install, but what we don't seem to have is either the time nor the inclination to… Continue reading How to organise a laundry room


Cleaning schedule update

In case you didn't read my post last week about my new cleaning schedule, I've decided to follow The Organised Mum's method which promises to cut down on the time you spend on housework, if you follow her methods to the letter. So it has taken me over a week to finally finish bootcamp, which is… Continue reading Cleaning schedule update