Christmas Markets

Christmas has always been a magical time for me, so when we had the opportunity to visit Berlin, I jumped at the chance, as I'd heard lots about German Christmas markets. After a four hour delay at the airport, we finally arrived in Berlin, took a pre-booked transfer to our hotel and made our way… Continue reading Christmas Markets

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Silly me! Here was I thinking I would be able to put up my decorations and show you some twinkle! Instead this is what I'm faced with: When we got up on Sunday morning, hubby decided it was a good idea to start on the dining room revamp. Now I know I shouldn't complain, because… Continue reading Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


I’m dreaming of a Scandi Christmas

As the 1st December is fast approaching, I've been thinking a lot about Christmas decorations. Well actually I've been thinking of them for a quite a bit longer. On my last trip to Ikea, I picked up a few bits and bobs that I thought were vaguely 'Scandi' , but this was all a bit… Continue reading I’m dreaming of a Scandi Christmas